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Balabit's Contextual Security Intelligence™ platform is designed to solve the Privileged User problem by focusing on what happens after they gain access to the network - legitimately, or otherwise. Only by building up an understanding of the typical behavior of each individual user can we then authenticate them continuously, based on real-time analysis of their activities and behavioral characteristics. CSI is the only solution of its kind, giving you the power and flexibility to prevent data breaches without constraining business.

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Three key benefits of behavior analytics:

Breach Prevention

By building detailed profiles of each Privileged User to show baseline 'normal' behavior, we can then use User Behavior Analytics to spot anomalies (like hijacked users) in real-time and flag potential breaches before they happen.

Security operations efficiency

Analysts have less data to analyze, and fewer false positives, enabling greater efficiency and rapid decision making in identifying info-criminals.





User Behavior Analytics for Financial Institutions

Introducing Contextual Security Intelligence

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Leverage compliance investments

Leverage your existing compliance investments by focusing on the Privileged User context and delivering actionable intelligence.

Uncover attacks and save money by detecting fraudulent activity

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