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List of the touched topics:

  • -Privileged Access Management
  • - Multi-factor and strong authentication
  • - Real-time monitoring
  • - Session recording and auditing
  • - Privileged User Behavior Analytics

NY DFS Part 500 Cybersecurity Regulation

From this 40-minutes webinar session you will learn how Balabit’s unique Privileged User Monitoring and Behavior Analytics solutions can help organizations comply with Part 500 Cyber Security Regulation issued by the New York Department of Financial Services.


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At its core, Part 500 emphasizes the application of security measures that safeguard nonpublic information from unauthorized access and tampering by managing access to information systems.

The key differentiator that sets Part 500 apart from similar cybersecurity regulations is the requirement to apply Risk-Based Authentication to detect anomalies or changes to normal use patterns based on biometric identifiers.